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While not all benefits are required by law, offering key benefits to employees may lead to

long-term success for business owners. Great employees expect a strong benefits package, one with medical insurance, and possibly, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance and more. Failure to offer a strong package may prompt great employees to search for employment elsewhere. (Entrepreneur, 2016)

Most business owners offer some benefits to remain competitive. Jasso Insurance Agency, LTD can assist with creating benefits that will create value for small and large employers and their employees.

Dental Insurance, not just a dental plan

According to the American Dental Association, a frequently overlooked reason for employee absence or poor work performance is dental disease and discomfort. Lost work days and poor productivity can lead to loss of income for the employer. (ADA, 2016) In addition, dental insurance is a sought-after employee benefit and including dental insurance in a benefits package can make the business owner more competitive and attractive to great employees.

Vision Plans - simple plans that fit your vision needs

 Comprehensive eye exams provide the only possible non-invasive view of blood vessels and the optic nerve, and eye doctors can detect early signs of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol before any healthcare provider. HCMS Group revealed in a recent study that employers who offer their employees stand-alone vision benefits experienced a $5.8 billion cost savings over four years due to reduced healthcare costs, avoided productivity losses and lower turnover rates. (HCMS Group, 2014)


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